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What Can I Put On My Moodle

Page history last edited by Larry Duerr 8 years, 4 months ago

In general, putting content on your Moodle site is preferable to the library e-reserves, because Moodle sites are password protected, and allow access only to students enrolled in the course.  Below is a list of acceptable content on Moodle.


  • Links to articles in Library databases
  • Images from ArtStor
  • Free clipart from Word and other sources
  • Creative Commons (which includes art, literature, articles, photographs, maps)
  • Flickr’s Creative Commons Section
  • Faculty-created materials, including textbooks, art, photographs, videos
  • Most videos on YouTube
  • Links to web-pages containing articles you want students to read
  • Lists of web-pages with links
  • Sites that encourage sharing, such as TED Talks
  • Government documents and sites
  • Works in public domain
  • Link to your copyright compliant e-reserves
  • A copy of material from a book, if it meets fair use (non-fiction, 1What Can't I Put On My Moodle 10% or less, one chapter only, for one semester)
  • Material for which you received licensing permission from Copyright Compliance Clearinghouse 


For more tips on sources to use on Moodle, review the Common Moodle Copyright Issues handout.

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